Race Day Parking, Farmers’ Market & Tree Zone Discounts

LOCH loMAN is just 4 weeks away. Your training is almost done, now time for the final preparations. Registration & Car Parking. There will be zero athlete or spectator parking at Duck Bay. We need to keep the road as empty as possible for racers.


Loch Lomond Shores have kindly allowed us use of their over flow car park (shown on map). For those of you familiar with Loch Lomond Shores it is on the right hand side as soon as you exit the McDonalds / Chinese restaurant roundabout. This is also the location for athlete registration. The car park and registration will open at 5am.

Athlete and Spectator Car Parking is at Loch Lomond Shores – a 1.4mile bike ride from transition and the swim/finish line.

Registration for Middle Distance will close at 6am and Transition 6.30am Registration for Standard and Sprint distance will close at 6.45am and Transition 7.10am There will be a bag drop / van relay between registration and transition. You give us your transition bag, we will drive it up whilst you pedal the short distance via the old road. The southern section of the run course will take you down toward Loch Lomond Shores. The fortnightly Farmers’ Market is taking place. The Market opens at 9am, ideal for bored family members to enjoy a Hairy Highland Coo burger whilst you are out on the bike course. But beware… whilst on the run course you will smell those burgers being cooked. They will smell painfully delicious.

2015-04-19 11.25.41
Loch Lomond Shores Farmers’ Market. Ideal for allowing your spouse and weans to spend your money on yummy grub. Sorry I meant a great incentive for getting your family to come and cheer you on.

Tree Zone is Scotland’s newest and Glasgow’s closest ariel adventure course. Situated at Loch Lomond Shores, Tree Zone are offering a 20% (actually I think it might be 25%) discount to LOCH loMAN Triathlon friends and family. In the week prior to the race we will inform you of the special discount code. This will also be in your registration pack.

2015-04-19 11.27.48
Tree Zone. A great way for your kids to let off steam whilst you plod round the bike course. Better still you can try this after you have finished your race. Think of it as your Dynamic Warm Down.

We’ve got a final site meeting for the risk assessments tomorrow. Final details of the swim, bike routes and run courses – as well as the all important cut off times – will be published on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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