Small Change to LOCH loMAN bike courses

After a few recce rides over the past three weeks we have decided to re route the first 2km of the bike course.

Instead of going directly south on the A82 to the Balloch Roundabout, and then coming back on yourself past Duck Bay en route to the Arden roundabout, you will now do the following.

After 200m of riding, at the entrance for Cameron House you will exit roundabout at “one o’clock” and proceed onto bike path. The small kerb has been lowered, however care will need to be taken.

2015-04-19 10.18.56
2015-04-19 10.19.51 Exit the roundabout and proceed over lowered kerb onto Bike Path towards Old Luss Road

The bike path continues round the corner and along the side of the A82. For 250m it is a narrow 2 way path.

Loch Lomond Bike Path hugs the wall alongside the A82 towards Old Luss Road.

There is then a set of bollards to pass and then you are on the Old Luss Road. This is a very empty, dead end road. There are a few small potholes, but generally speaking the tarmac is in very good condition for the 1 mile stretch into Balloch.

Take care when coming off the path, between the bollards, onto the Old Luss Road.
Last year when devising the route this stretch of road was badly overgrown with lots of moss and grass. It was covered in decades old leaf mould and mud. It was not nice. Since to completion of the building works at the new generic pub / motel the road has had some TLC, meaning it is now suitable to TT bikes… … and now much safer than having cyclists riding in both direction on the A82.

Once in Balloch you turn right at each of the three roundabouts which will take you north onto the A82 towards the sprint , standard and middle loops.

The last wee climb at the bottom end of Glen Fruin.

LOCH loMAN Sprint Triathlon Bike Course

LOCH loMAN Sprint bike course. South on old road to Balloch, North via A82 to B832, left towards Arden and return to Duck Bay.

LOCH loMAN Standard Triathlon Bike Course

LOCH loMAN Standard Triathlon Bike Course South on old road to Balloch, North via A82 to Haul Rd / Garelochead / Faslane / Glen Fruin to Arden R/about. Return to Duck Bay

LOCH loMAN Middle Triathlon Bike Course

LOCH loMAN MIddle Triathlon Bike Course South on old road to Balloch. North on A82 to B832 turning left for small loop 1 returning back to Arden R/about Two large loops of A82 north to Haul Rd / Garelochead / Faslane /Glen Fruin to Arden r/bout. After one small loop and two large loops return south to Duck Bay

2 thoughts on “Small Change to LOCH loMAN bike courses”

  1. Hi this will be my first venture into tri, I know you said it was inclusive and there are no cut off times but i am a slow swimmer, a not very good cyclist and a slower runner. Sprint seemed a good distance, I am now battling injury and am unsure whether I should transfer my place or re-enter for next year?


    1. Don’t battle injury. Give yourself a week or so and if you want to defer let me know no less than a week before the event. If you are booked in for the sprint it’s only 90 minutes of graft so easy peasy.


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