Cut Off Times, Feed Stops and run course profile.

Cut Off Times

Many of you have been asking about cut off times. Our main concern is the amount of time you are in the cold water and the duration that cyclists are on the early section of the A82 from Balloch R/about to Arden R/about.

The water temperature yesterday was only 8c. Within the next 27 days we want / need it to rise by 4.5c so we can have full middle and standard distance swims. The next 4 days of sun should raise it by a couple of degrees. Most of you have estimated a 1900m swim time of 45mins or below. You might be able to swim that pace in the pool no problem, but in colder water it will take you significantly longer.

There’s no point in swimming 1900m in under 45mins if you are going to get hypothermia. So, depending on the water temperature, the swim cut offs will be decided closer to event day by Robert our Tri Scotland Technical Official in conjunction with Alan and the head of water safety. Fingers crossed we are not forced to reduce the swim distance due to water temperature.

Once you are out on the bike there will be no official cut off for those in the Standard or Sprint distance events. Just get yourselves round the course quickly and safely

For Middle distance athletes the longest that your own estimates have stated for Swim & Bike time is 5hrs 45mins, so for this first edition that is the cut off for getting back to T2 – 12.45pm

Run routes

Cameron House loch side road will form the early part of the run route. Don’t look scruffy, residents will be having breakfast or lunch!

Below are the run routes. Sprint is a single 5km loop outwards via Cameron House’s loch side road to Loch Lomond Shores and returning via Old Luss Rd

LOCH loMAN Triathlon Sprint distance 5km loop

The Standard Distance run road also goes south via Cameron House to Loch Lomond Shores, then follows the path round to the River Leven bike path which you will follow to a turn point at approx 5.4km. You will then retrace your steps coming back to Duck Bay via Old Luss Road.

Middle Distance athletes guess what? You get to do this lovely flat course TWICE.

LOCH loMAN Triathlon 10km loop Standard Distance x 1 Middle Distance x 2

Feed Stations

For Middle Distance athletes the bike route will have a feed station at the top of Glen Fruin.This can be accessed at 37km & 71km.

We will be supplying bananas, High5 gels and drink. You will have the opportunity to leave your own fuel with our staff.

Standard & Sprint Distance athletes are responsible for their own on bike fuelling.

On the run course there will be two water / feed stops (High5) which can be accessed in both directions. These will be at 2.2km / 8.5km and 4km / 6.7km. For the Middle 2nd loop that’s obviously 12.2km, 14km, 16.7km & 18.5km

Enjoy the spring sunshine.


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