Snowing again… Boots, Gloves and Hats required!!!

Another Sunday another recce ride. Today we got caught in a snow shower on the Haul Road. The Arrochar Alps and Ben Lomond all had fresh falls of snow today.

Yesterday’s water temperature was 7.7c. We’ve had 3 days of blistering sunshine, but this current Arctic snap ain’t good.


So, if you want to wear neoprene GLOVES, BOOTS and HATS then feel free. In fact we actively encourage it.

Local Glasgow shop LOMO have a good stock Gloves, Socks and Hats.

The BTF rules require the water temp to be 12.5c for a full length swim. Only 500m permitted at 11c. Pray, dance, beg, whatever for sunshine, we don’t want to turn it into a bloody duathlon.


Pragmatically it is looking like a reduced distance swim for all 3 races.

The temperature in the shallower, more sheltered waters at Loch Lomond Shores (where most of you swim in the triangle to Cameron House Marina and back) is a couple of degrees warmer than at Duck Bay.


We have spoken with the management at Loch Lomond Shores and our TS Tech officials, and come race week if the water temperature hasn’t risen massively at Duck Bay, but is warm enough to facilitate any sort of swim at Loch Lomond Shores then we will move the swim, transition and finish to Loch Lomond Shores. The bike and run routes would be virtually identical, just starting / finishing at a different point of the loop.

It’s not as picturesque, but logistically it will be a lot safer and much much better for spectators.

Never has there been a more apt reason to sing this song!!


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