Venue change confirmed, TS Sanctioning confirmed, Police confirmed. Route Maps.

It has been a busy few days.

Police Scotland have advised that they will be dedicating a minimum of 4 traffic officers to the event. Their main role will be to control traffic flow at A82 Stoneymollen Roundabout, Arden Roundabout and A82 Haul Rd junction. If they tell you to stop YOU STOP. Remember you must always adhere to the Highway Code and officers instructions.

A82 Stoneymollen Roundabout. Lots of fast traffic, but lots of marshals and Police Scotland.

I am delighted to confirm that the swim location, transition and finish has now been moved to Loch Lomond Shores. A massive thanks to Clare from Loch Lomond Shores, Mark from Loch Lomond Boat Hire and their teams for facilitating this move.


Why the move?  – Simples. The 30cm deep water temperature at Balloch is almost 2c higher than up at Duck Bay. Additionally we have more emergency removal points for the water safety team to utilise if required.

The swim will start and finish on the beach opposite Jenners. This is the same place the Great Scottish Swim exits.

LLS swim  transition

You will have a 300m run from the beach to Transition. In transition we will have heated marquees for you to change in and get warm and dry before heading off on the bike.

Triathlon Scotland have confirmed sanctioning for the event at its new location. The event’s Triathlon Scotland Technical Official will be the person who ultimately decides how long the swims will be. Like the water safety crew he is a local who knows the waters well. So fingers crossed the sun shines a bit more and raises the water temperature.

 Bike and Run routes Updated

Sprint bike loop updated

Standard bike loop updated

Middle bike loop updated

10km run loop.

Sprint is 5km loop from car park East to River Leven riverside path and back.

Standard Distance will do this loop twice.

Middle Distance will do this loop twice, then do the Cameron House 5km loop twice.

Full athlete notes later tonight or tomorrow.

10 more sleeps.




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