Wind chill ain’t brill – so says Celtman & Highland Warrior winner Graeme Stewart

In the last post a few auld timers discussed warming up before going in the cold water. Well the thing is, once you’re out the water the cold will really begin to bite. As you can see from the 2 charts below the air temperature is predicted to be 7c with gusting westerly winds in excess of 30mph. That’s going to be quite a headwind on the Haul Rd.



Celtman winner and Triathlon Coach Graeme Stewart gives his thoughts.

Graeme Stewart coming out of a very cold Loch Linnhe on his way to winning Highland Warrior 2012. Behind him the gorgeousness that is multiple Scottish Vet Champ Andy Turnbull of Stirling Tri club.

Checking the weather forecast it looks like the air temp may be below the water temp, in the single figures, which is especially punishing. The most likely time to get hypothermic is in the first 10k of the bike if you go out wet.

Typically for warmer or short races you will not have a problem wearing race kit below your wetsuit. For cold and wet conditions that is not advisable.

Where the temperature is very low below 10oC or duration is longer, avoiding hypothermia is the main priority.

DO NOT wear your cycling/triathlon kit below your wetsuit, wear something else e.g. trunks, technical T-shirt, surfing rash top.

DO keep your cycle/triathlon kit dry and warm in T1 and get properly dry before heading out on the bike. Hand or foot warmer in shoes and gloves can help get the blood flowing back to the feet and hands.*

You wouldn’t go out the house for a mid winter bike ride wet and only wearing a tri suit. Why do so on a cold, wet and windy race. Make sure you wrap up with a good wind proof jacket and gloves.

Remember the swim is just the first part of a much longer race and it will not be much fun if you get too cold.

* Graeme’s recommendation about hand / feet warmers is a great one. We already have on order Little Hotties hand and feet warmers for all Middle Distance athletes. You will get these at T1. Simply place them in your socks at the back of your heel and either in your glove under your wrist or the cuff of your sleeve. The heat will the radiate through to your blood as it heads towards your feet and hands. DO NOT place them in your shoe or palm of your hand. The constant pressure will make them less effective.


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