ImacImages Photography Photos and Athlete Feedback

This morning the ache in your legs will have reminded you of the ordeal you went through yesterday. Yesterday’s conditons mean that for many of you it was the hardest day of triathlon racing you have endured / enjoyed. In the days and months to come your memory will fade.

To help remind you, Scotland’s best sports photographer ImacImages Photography was at yesterday’s inaugural LOCH loMAN Triathlon.

You can see his full set of images at

imacimages loch loman swim entry
LOCH loMAN Standard Distance Triathlon swim start
imac images loch loman 4 swimmers
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak of evil then point at evil.
imac images loch loman mod road cycle
Dropping towards Faslane faster than the career of Submariner who leaked safety documents.
imacimages faslane riders
Glen Fruin climb. Otherwise known as “That B@$7@RD hill”.
imacimages loch lo man runner
After all those hills on the bike this Yorkshire triathlete’s enjoying the flat riverside run.

Your feedback please

It has been great reading so many of your race reports on various Facebook pages.  Yesterday was the first edition of LOCH loMAN. As a first time triathlon race director I have learned a hell of a lot from yesterday. I want to make this race into one of the best on the Scottish calendar – the route deserves it to one day become a championship event. Yes I know that means more hard work, doing things a bit different and making changes. Several small errors were made yesterday, however I hope that once they were identified the team did their best to rectify them rapidly.

To help me make the necessary improvement please fill in the below feedback form. Please be as candid as possible.

Thank you for racing and thank you for taking the time to help me improve things for future events.

Awrabest Alan


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