Full Results, Wee Beastie & LOCH longMAN

Thanks to everyone who has submitted event feedback and highlighted timing issues. We will get those sorted in the next day or so and the finalised times posted here and sent to Triathlon Scotland for race rankings.

So, what next? One of the most fun events on the Scottish Tri calendar is Lomond Masters Beastie Triathlon. It takes place as part of the Balloch Highland Games so there is always a fun family atmosphere.

Beastie Weekend flyer
The original Loch Lomond Triathlon. Perfect for those new to triathlon. Short swim, easy off road bike through Balloch park and a wee jog. All as part of the Balloch Highland Games, so a great day for the family.

If that is too short a race length for you, then look what we’ve got up our sleeves for next year LOCH longMAN .

loch loman coulport loop triathlon
LOCH longMAN cycle loop. 113 hilly miles of 2.5 circuits of A82, Haul Rd, Faslane, Garelochhead, Kilcreggan, Coulport, Faslane, Glen Fruin, A82

Based once again in Balloch, LOCH longMAN will feature a 2.4mile swim, 113 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run.

If you thought the tarmac of the Haul Rd was in excellent condition, then you will be amazed to know that Coulport’s is even nicer with spectacular views down Firth of Clyde towards Arran.

Gareloch looking north to the Arrochar Alps, The Cobbler and Ben Nanairn.
Gareloch looking north to the Arrochar Alps, The Cobbler and Ben Nanairn.
kilcreggan loch loman
Kilcreggan looking across to Greenock and Dunoon.
coulport climb loch loman
Coulport’s Peaton Hill. Makes the Glen Fruin climb look like a downhill.
faslane alps loch loman
Top of Coulport’s Peaton Hill looking towards Faslane.

LOCH longMAN will take place in late summer 2016. There will be a small test event in September 2015. More details to follow.

Less than a 30 minute drive from Scotland’s Largest city, Glasgow, the LOCH longMAN course uses some of the quietest, but best maintained, roads in the UK. Added to that it has some of the best views of any triathlon course. Loch Lomond, Ben Lomond, Arrochar Alps, 2 nuclear bases, the Firth of Clyde, Arran, Ailsa Craig, Loch Long and two whisky distilleries.

LOCH loMAN will still take place in late May/ early June in a similar format to last weekend’s races. LOCH loMAN was created to give Scottish athletes a tough middle distance tri to train at a month prior to the main European iron distance races.


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