5 weeks until LOCH loMAN

NOW ONLY 5 weeks until LOCH loMAN Triathlons.

Hello, I have been working (and drinking) at the Australian comedy festivals for the past 3 months. If you have been trying to contact me but not yet had a reply, sorry. I have a huge pile of emails to plough through.

There has been fresh snowfall on the Southern Munros and as such the loch is still BALTIC… Tri Scotland referee Robert McCulloch and the guys from Lomond Masters had a wee swim over the weekend and the temp is  6.4c. That’s a whole degree colder than this time last year.

Time to start getting your body acclimatised to the cold open water. Start with small, short duration dips and gradually build up your time and effort in the water.

As with last year we strongly advise you purchase neoprene gloves, boots and hat. These can be purchased locally at Lomo. The event has a rules exemption allowing boots and gloves to be worn by athletes in the water. As with last year, it will become compulsory to wear them during the swim if the water temperature is below 12.5c.

It is our utmost aim that with this rule exemption and no matter the water temperature, we will have full distance swims for the sprint and standard. Keeping the middle swim at the full distance is going to be more tricky.

As with last year we will have heated marquees for transition changing. We have also acquired a large quantity of carpeting for transition and some of the run from beach to transition.

Registration & Transition set up times

Sorry, there has been a wee bit of confusion about registration times. The correct times are:

Middle Distance

Registration – Saturday afternoon 12noon – 6pm*

Transition set up – Sunday 5.30am – 6.30am

Standard Distance

Registration – Saturday afternoon 12noon – 6pm*

Transition set up – Sunday 5.30am – 7am

Sprint Distance

Registration – Saturday afternoon 12noon – 6pm & Sunday 7am – 7.30am

Transition set up – Sunday 5.30am – 8am

*There will be facilities for a very small number of athletes travelling from far away  and not staying overnight near the race venue to register in the morning of the race. You must arrange this in advance.

Photo ID and / or TS race license required for registration


A few of you have been asking about cut off times. Our main concern is the amount of time you are in the cold water and the duration that cyclists are on the early section of the A82 from Balloch R/about to Arden R/about.

Most of you have estimated a 1900m swim time of 45mins or below. You might be able to swim that pace in the pool no problem, but in colder water it will take you significantly longer.

There’s no point in swimming 1900m in under 45mins if you are going to get hypothermia. So, depending on the water temperature, the swim cut offs will be decided closer to event day by Robert our Tri Scotland Technical Official in conjunction with Alan and the head of water safety.

Once you are out on the bike there will be no official cut off for those in the Standard or Sprint distance events. Just get yourselves round the course quickly and safely

For Middle distance athletes the longest that your own estimates have stated for Swim & Bike time is 5hrs 45mins, so the cut off for getting back to T2 – 12.45pm. This will allow us to open the car park at 1pm.

Lots more info to come. Get in the water asap.

Awrabest Alan



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