Rain rain go away – hats, boots & gloves compulsory

As you can see it is going to be a very wet few days leading up to LOCH loMAN 2016.

Just to reiterate, although the water temperature peaked at 13c (some say 14c) over the weekend, the forecast rain will drop the loch’s temp down to approx 11c or 12c. To make sure athletes get to race with full distance swims neoprene gloves, hat and boots are compulsory for Standard and Middle distance athletes.

We want to make sure you enjoy your swim… but more importantly your bodies and brains are in a warm enough state to go out on the bike course.

Thankfully the wind is forecast to be light, but there will also be rain showers. Much of the course is on high exposed roads so please make sure you get your layering correct for the bike.

The run course is much more sheltered and should make for a pleasant jog.

Should you forget any kit, like gloves or goggles the guys from LOMO will be on site Sunday morning before the start of the race to sell you some. Don’t rely on not getting your stuff until then, hoping they have enough stock though. This is for emergency purchases only.


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