Today’s racing

A massive thank you to everyone who raced today, even more so to the 60+ marshals and safety staff who got out of their beds at 4am to facilitate today’s racing.

A fantastically enjoyable day it turned out to be, sadly, without taking away from the eventual victories of those who crossed the line first, due to a lapse of judgement by me, and an unfortunate coincidence of another event using the exact same signage on part of our route, two athletes who were minutes ahead in their respective races were denied the victories they probably deserved.

First the unfortunate coincidence – The Polaroid 10K team decided to do dummy run of their route today. It part uses the riverbank path but turns off it after the weir. Our run signage was put up very late last night and the run course ridden and checked whilst you were all out on the bike. In between that check and the first runners going on course, the conflicting signage went up and until his was realised several runners went massively in the wrong direction.

Trying to correct that error I created the lapse of judge for which I hold up my hands and say sorry – not just to those who were denied victory, but the several others who ran a km or so extra.

Trying to correct that error I had to reallocate marshals as we zoomed about trying to suss out WTF was going on.

Thinking that I had adequately spray marked the turn points I decided that from a safety point of view those at the two run turn points were the least required and that it was better to keep in place those marshals at road crossings.

I like to think I am overly diligent when it comes to athlete notes, signing the route and spray marking hazards on the road. I go through a lot of orange paint.

I genuinely thought that the Turn Point markings and the emphasis on their location during the race brief would have been sufficient. Sadly not. I have never “raced” triathlon. I have never tried to get a PB. I have simply enjoyed completing triathlons, so I’ve never had my head in that blurry pointy end of race zone.

It’s fucking infuriating – both for those athletes and me as an event organiser – that what turned out to be a brilliant swim, an awesome cycle and a 95% great run can be ruined in such circumstances.

Sorry, lesson well and truly learned… no matter how much signage or pre information you provide triathletes need lots more run marshals.

I hope you are not too sunburnt and your feet are up enjoining a nice relaxing evening. Me I’m off for a bath and glass of wine then almost instant sleep because the race team didn’t get any last night thanks to the horrible music of the Lomond Park Hotel.

Sorry & Awrabest


p.s. Times will go online tomorrow

p.p.s T-Shirts (i will give them out at rego next time) however for those of you who purchased Tshirts with your entry but missed out today, I will do another print. It will take about 3 weeks. I will send an email out tomorrow

If you snaffled yourself a free TShirt by error – well done. wink emoticon


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