LOCH loMAN entry will be via Entry Central and will open on Friday 29th August at 9pm


Keep your eyes peeled on out Facebook Page for updates.


4 thoughts on “Entry”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve noticed that on your different advertisements and websites you are quoting different distances for the bike leg of the middle distance (77 km v 91km). As I am interested in participating in the race could you please clarify which distance is correct.

    In addition, I see that the event is in the process of being sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland. Could you please let me know what would happen in the event that you the event was not sanctioned?

    I look forward to hearing from you,


    1. Hi Graeme,

      The Middle distance bike route is 91km.

      It was originally 77km using the Haul Rd / Glen Fruin loop, then it was pointed out that by adding the smaller loop we brought it to Half Iron distance.

      As with our Arran Man event TS sanctioning will be sought. It is important for the growth and safety of our sport that all multisport races get approved and sanctioned by the governing body. Discussions over the route have already been had with a couple of their ITU TOs with whom I have good working relations. Their feedback led to several changes to Arran Man and the two TO race reports from this year’s Arran Man were very encouraging regarding our approach.

      No TS sanctioning means no race and thus a full refund.

      Kind regards Alan Anderson.


  2. Hi

    Could you clarify the swim cut off time for the standard distance.
    From the details on Entry Central it looks like 8.20am which gives 40 minutes in total.




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